Fruit and vegetable diet damages children

A research team that studied trading standards of meals throughout East Sussex observed that feeding children with fruit and vegetables could actually damage health . The team, who observed nursery menus in the county, pointed out that diets included too much fibre and not enough fat .
A consultant paediatric dietician and guest lecturer on child health at Brighton University was reported as commenting on the study: “Nurseries are applying the principles of adult healthy eating to the food they are supplying to young children. We expected the study to show nurseries were serving children food that was too high in calories, fat, saturated fat and salt, and low in vegetables and fruit .”
She also reportedly continued: “Instead, we found that the majority of nurseries had gone to the other extreme and appeared to be providing food that was too low in calories, fat and saturated fat, and too high in fruit and vegetables.”
The study highlights the need to differentiate between child and adult diet .

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