A Mediterranean Diet Reduces Risk of Cancer

Even adopting a couple of aspects of the Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of cancer by 12%, so says recent research.
In a study of 26,000 Greeks, it was highlighted that those who consume olive oil alone have 9% less risk of developing cancer .
The diet includes the consumption of more fruit, vegetables and cereals, and the consumption of less red meat.
Another research study discovered that just adding broccoli to meals is likely to reduce the possibility of vulnerable men getting prostate cancer .

The Mediterranean diet has been been scrutinised by researchers due to the lower occurrence of rates of heart disease in Spain and Greece .
It was noted that those living in Spain and Greece eat more vegetables and fish, and less red meat. More or less everything is cooked in olive oil, with moderate amounts of alcohol being consumed.
Harvard University researchers in a study of thousands of Greek people asked them to record their food intake over eight years.
Eating less red meat, and eating more peas, beans and lentils, reduced the risk of cancer by 12%.

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