New diet pill could be effective

According to diet media reports, a new type of diet pill that allows dieters to eat normally without gaining any weight could be a reality in the future.
The pill, known as alpha-lipoic acid, is already being sold in health food shops as a supplement . The inventors say it also slows ageing.
The director of Immorgene Concepts, Malcolm Goyns, is so convinced of the efficiency of the pill that he has adopted the approach himself. By studying people in Okinawa, Goyns drew important conclusions.
He reportedly said: “While calorie restriction diets are followed as a matter of course in communities like Okinawa, the diet can be difficult to follow for most people. Our discovery indicates that by following a calorie restriction diet for six months and then taking alpha-lipoic acid while eating normally, the same life extension effects will be experienced.”
He continued: “Simply adding the supplement to the diet has no effect. It seems that alpha-lipoic acid fools the body into behaving as if it was still on whatever diet it was following before the supplement was added. We found there was an anti-obesity effect as well. Although weight does rise when you come off the restricted diet, if you take alpha-lipoic acid, even though you are eating normally again you still have a reduced weight.”

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