Pupils eating-out diet needs changing

According to the Scottish Consumer Council, pupils must make their own decisions when eating out for lunch. The council warned that children taking diet matters into their own hands and eating chips and sweets for lunch need to be warned.
The SCC raised concerns over pupils that ignore school meals and eat fast food from the high street. To address the problem, the council urged the government and shops to play their part in making sure school pupils have a healthy diet .
The Chair of the SCC, Douglas Sinclair, reportedly commented: “While the core to improving lunchtime choices for Scotland’s teenagers is about supporting them with the information about good food and healthy eating, the Scottish Government and local councils have to play their part as well. These young people are consumers who are making their own decisions.”
A spokesman for the SCC reportedly added: “The Out to Lunch report suggests the obesity time bomb has still not been defused for many young Scots, but it is not something that schools – or parents – can do on their own.”

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