Super healthy food for a weight loss diet

Foods that speed up the metabolism of the body are essential ingredients of a healthy diet . Health experts have made it clear that eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and cutting out unhealthy habits are the key for a healthier, happier person, but some foods are more effective than others.
Green tea is known as a weight loss aid because it boosts the metabolism . The hot drink may also help to enhance the mood, and it is available everywhere. Fruit such as apples and pears contain a fibre called pectin which suppresses the appetite. Apple cider vinegar helps to burn fat. Cayenne pepper boosts the metabolism, as do some spices like cinnamon.
Other super foods to use for a healthy diet include garlic, ginger and hot peppers. One of they often-overlooked, available-anywhere ways to lose weight is to drink more water . Often, people confuse feeling hungry with feeling thirsty.

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