Flax in your daily diet

The benefits of flax as part of a diet is well known, but many people simply don’t know where and how to start including flax as part of a diet .
Flax comes in two different colours, brown and golden. Both of these types of flax are a good part of a healthy diet, but golden flax is generally more expensive. Flax is available from a variety of UK supermarkets and health food stores.
Experts recommend that flax should be stored in a fridge or freezer to keep it from turning rancid. Both types of flax should also be stored away from light to inhibit the oxidation process.
Experts advise those looking to include flax as part of their diet to always grind the seed before eating, and to include both raw and cooked flax in your diet. Flax should also be moderated, between one and two tablespoons per day.

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