Mediterranean diet could protect unborn children

According to recent research conducted in Europe, eating a Mediterranean diet could protect unborn children from asthma and other allergies .
The Mediterranean diet is synonymous with good health and vitality, not to mention a long lifespan. The new research, conducted by a team at the University of Crete, indicates that children born to mothers who have a diet based on fish, vegetables, fruit and nuts could be 78 per cent less likely to develop asthma by the age of six.
When children are exposed to a high level of antioxidants pre-birth, researchers say, their lung function can be improved. The research team reportedly commented: “Our results support a protective effect of a high level of adherence to a Mediterranean diet during pregnancy against asthma like symptoms and atopy in childhood. Cereals are rich in antioxidant compounds and they have been shown to have a protective effect against asthma in children. Similarly, fruits, vegetables and legumes are known to be high sources of antioxidants and may therefore help to protect the airways against oxidative damage. Fatty acids found in fish oil are also known to have anti-inflammatory effects and have been linked to a reduced risk of allergies in kids.”

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