Study shows Atkins diet is safe

The controversial Atkins diet could be safe, according to a recent two year study.
Eating an Atkins diet with low-carbs and high protein levels is as effective as eating a low-fat diet, the research team claimed. In fact, overweight volunteers lost more weight by eating a low carbohydrate regime than on a calorie controlled diet plan .
The experiment involved over 300 overweight volunteers and was conducted by researchers in Israel, America and Germany. Dr. Iris Shai, lead researcher, reportedly commented: “Clearly there is not one diet that is ideal for everyone. We believe that this study will open clinical medicine to considering low-carb and Mediterranean diets as safe, effective alternatives for patients, based on personal preference and the medical goals set out for such intervention.”
The researchers conceded that the study did have some flaws, for instance, 85 per cent of respondents were men.

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