Study says migrant diet aids Australian life expectancy

According to a recent reports from Australia, the diet brought in by migrants could be helping to increase overall life expectancy for the whole country. Australia is multicultural, following successive immigration .
As well as aiding economic and cultural diversity in the country, a new study points to diet and foods as one of the key contributions of foreign migrants. A research team at the School of Population Health at the University of Queensland examined life expectancy amongst Australians born in the country and overseas.
Greek and Italian diets were thought to be of particular use in aiding Australian health. Richard Taylor, a professor involved in the study, was quoted as commenting: “The southern Mediterranean diet is very healthy particularly with regards to the fact that it produces quite low rates of coronary heart disease . I think you can see the effects of Southern European cuisine quite extensively in Australia, and also as I mentioned in North America, which is another mixing pot of European migrants.”
Taylor reportedly continued: “I think also in Australia we have got quite a lot of Asian migrants these days and their diet is often quite heavily fortified with vegetables, rice, fish, and these diets have certainly rubbed off on Australians, particularly in urban areas.”

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