1 million sales for US diet company

A newcomer to the US diet industry proudly announced their 1 millionth sale on the weekend, in under one year of operation. The innovative diet solution, called portionpals, is taking the US dieting industry by storm, with consumers looking to lose weight the healthy way.
portionpals is a clever device that removes the guesswork from dietary needs, by providing recommended servings for meat, poultry, fish, sides and desserts. portionpals have sold thousands of their products, with an overwhelming demand from major companies .
The founder of portionpals, Paris D’Jon, was reported in the diet news as commenting: “Although NOT a diet, the plan is to aid the consumer by giving them a simple guideline that is easily integrated into their overall lifestyle. Our success has definitely been giving people the opportunity to eat the foods they love and therefore preventing the effect of yo-yo dieting .”

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