Official diet advised confusion

According to recent research, the majority of people are confused about what exactly constitutes a healthy diet . Millions are failing to eat recommended five-a-day portions of vegetables and fruit .
Many of the respondents in the survey, which asked over 1,000 people questions about their diet, were confused as to what constituted a healthy diet . The research backs up Food Standards Agency findings that under 60 per cent of adults ate this level of fruit and veg.
Eating five portions of real fruit and vegetables a day is one important way of having a healthy lifestyle and avoiding cancer and heart disease. The poll was conducted for Tropicana Smoothies.
A spokeswoman for the Dietetic Association, Ursula Arens, was reported as commenting: “The average is three servings a day. Women are having about the same as men, but if you look at the calorie intake women are doing better than men. Older people are doing better than younger people.”

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