Diet dangers passing children by

According to a new survey, the majority of children in Northern Ireland were unaware of the long-term consequences of eating unhealthy food. The British Heart Foundation study indicated that some 73 per cent of children were unaware that eating badly could actually risk your life.
Approximately half of all eight to 15 year olds who were surveyed thought that spots, weight gain and rotten teeth were the most dangerous effects of a junk food diet . The survey was released to launch the Food4Thought initiative, and includes an online game called Yoobot, designed to help young people make healthy food choices.
Almost 60 per cent of adults and 26 per cent of children in Northern Ireland are classified as overweight or obese . BHF Director of prevention and care, Mike Knapton, reportedly said:
“Today’s junk food generation can’t see beyond the burger box. They are missing the fact that eating unhealthily can have dire consequences on their long-term health . The Yoobot is an innovative way for children to explore the effects of eating a diet of junk food. The clock is ticking on the obesity time bomb and it is now more important than ever for children to be educated enough to take control of their diets .”

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