Mother’s diet influences child obesity

According to a recent report, the diet of a mother strongly influences how their child develops. The research, which could cause many people to think twice about high-fat foods, indicates that mice eating high-fat diets are more likely to have oversized offspring.
Helen Jones, PHD, the author of the study, reportedly commented: “Our model may one day lead to dietary recommendations for mothers who are entering pregnancy overweight or obese . We hope this research will ultimately help reduce the number of babies suffering from birth injuries, decrease C-section rates, and lower the risk of babies becoming overweight or obese later in life.”
The Editor-in chief of the FASEB journal, in which the research was published, Gerald Weissman, MD. reportedly commented: “It’s no secret that big women tend to have big babies, but now we know that there’s more at play than genetics. Cutting back on fatty foods during pregnancy might decrease the chance of having a baby that becomes overweight in the future.”

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