Overweight Women More Likely to Get Cancer

Overweight women, prone to more estrogen, are more at risk of developing different types of cancers, including uterine and breast cancer .
Dr Duc Vuong is a weight loss surgeon based in Houston, USA.
He states that increasingly more women are starting to realise the correlation between cancer and excess weight .
This is prompting women to make certain proactive choices.
More and more women are getting active. They are ensuring they exercise more, as well as maintain a healthy diet .
Even women who have undergone weight loss surgery remain vigilant about their diets and exercise .
Weight loss surgery after all is a tool; weight maintenance has to be undetaken by the individual.
Dr. Susan Love, ex- breast cancer surgeon, presides over the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation.
She states that pre-menopausal women who have undergone breast cancer and remain obese are at a higher risk of breast cancer recurrence. Post-menopausal women are in the risky group too.
Maintaining a healthy weight and diet are key to keeping breast cancer from recurring or at bay altogether.

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