Western Diet Triggers 30 Per Cent of Heart Attacks

Have a re think about tonight’s steak dinner.
The normal western diet of red meat, dairy products, fried foods and high salt snacks are responsible for 30% of the world’s heart attacks, according to new research.
Hamilton’s McMaster University’s scientists analyzed dietary data patterns of 16,000 people from 52 countries.
It is not surprising that they discovered that the best diet includes the consumption of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. The increased consumption of fresh fruit and veg is related to a 35% decrease in the likelihood of getting a heart attack.
Such a diet is more effective than taking drugs to protect against heart disease.
The Western diet increases your risk of getting a heart attack by 35%.
Having a good diet or a not so good diet has the same effect all over the world. the researchers found. So people from all over the world need to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and fewer fatty and salty foods.
Diets are a major influential factor when it comes to having a heart attack.
In terms of vegetables, the green leafy kinds in particular, like spinach, brocolli and greens, are must eats.
Research also discovered that salted and fried foods heighten heart attack rates as they increase risk factors like heart disease and high blood pressure.
Such findings support that healthy eating message of 5 to 10 daily servings of fruit and vegetables equalling the recipe for prevention of heart disease.
These findings are of paramount importance as the western diet encroaches throughout the world.

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