Women Have a Healthier Diet Than Men

Research undertaken for the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation highlights that women are more likely to have a healthier diet than men. Women are also more likely to benefit from feeling full and better digestion.
This new research considers nutrition and health.
According to the research, 80% of both genders consider specific foods and beverages to be beneficial, but, women are more likely than men to be consuming specific foods and beverages to:
promote health and wellbeing (53% women; 46% men)
feel full (42% women; 27men)
enhance digestion (41% women; 33% men)
reduce impact of present health problems (34% women; 27% men)
enhance stamina and physical energy (34% women; 27% men)
stimulate mental performance (34% women; 27% men)
lower likelihood of getting certain diseases (33% women; 25% men)
enhance overall appearance (30% women; 20% men)
The Food &Health Survey of 2008 illustrated that women are more likely than men to be somewhat or extremely satisfied with their health. Women are also more concerned about their weight and more likely than men to make changes to diet to enhance their wellbeing.
Whatever your gender, It is of course vital to focus on a diet of fruits, vegetables, high fibre foods and omega-3 fats.

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