New diet pill trains dieters to eat less

According to diet news today, a new type of diet pill helps to train dieters to eat less food. The drug, Appesat, has gone on sale today in the UK. Costing just under £30 for 50 capsules, the diet drug must be taken with a glass of water. The seaweed in the pill helps to expand the stomach and stimulate hunger sensors in the stomach wall.
The appetite suppression has been proven in clinical trials, with many overweight and obese people losing significant amounts of weight during trials of the drug. However, the drug does have side effects, including upset stomachs.
The marketing manager of the manufacturer of the drug, David Towse, reportedly branded the drug: “An intervention product that can help people modify eating behaviour over time will offer serial dieters a real opportunity to break the cycle of overeating and yo-yo dieting .”

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