The Truth About Detox Diets

Gwyneth Paltrow claims to have as many insecurities about her weight as many others.
However, she has taken a more drastic measure than the average dieter may take by starting a three week diet plan called “The Cleanse”.
This diet programme has been devised by her doctor and nutrition specialist, Alejandro Junger. It only comprises a solid meal per day, with no processed foods, sugar, sweets, dairy or shellfish permitted. Of course you are meant to drink lots of water, two more liquid meals every 24 hours and half a cup of castor oil should your bowel movements be slow.
“I can report it works wonders,” claims Paltrow, who has adhered to this strict diet on multiple occasions. This so called cleansing diet has prompted experts to state that such diets have no scientific basis and are a waste of time and money. Plus they can be risky to anyone’s health .
In 2008, a 52-year-old mother from Oxfordshire made headlines in the UK when she was given £800,000 plus suffering permanent brain damage whilst on a cleansing detox diet on whereby she had to lower her salt intake and drink lots of water. It was, experts claim, a crisis waiting to happen as such diets become increasingly popular.
Cleansing diets can last from 48 hours to 21 days and overall encourage consumption of water (two litres or more a day), herbal teas, fruit juices, and not much besides. Theoretically, these fluids are meant to boost digestion and flush out toxins and any other pollutants within our systems which render us susceptible to illness and infection.
However, Dr Frankie Phillips, a spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association, has publicly crticised such approaches, stating that the concept of detoxing or cleansing for health is “nothing but nonsense”.
The concept that the digestive system needs to assisted is ludicrous, she adds, asserting that it is factually incorrect to suggest that fruit, veg and water speeden up or boost the elimination of poisonous substances.
The irony is that so-called wholesome foods have the most naturally occurring toxins. There are compounds in onions, broccoli and cabbage which can be potentially toxic should the body not be able to break them down. The body is known to have its own built-in mechanisms to get rid of waste from top to toe.

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