Vegan Diet for Weight Loss

A low fat vegan diet enables weight loss at the rate of approximately 1 lb a week.
This can be achieved without exercise or reducing calories or portion sizes, according to American researchers at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
Such a vegan diet enables you to have unlimited wholegrain and vegetables to curb hunger.
In 2007, the Kim Barnouin and model agent Rory Freedman wrote the no nonsense vegan diet book ” Skinny Bitch ” .
Eating vegan and raw is considered by many to be the most rapid way to optimal health .
Eating vegan has taken Hollywood by storm where people are obsessed with glowing and going green.
A vegan diet enables you to do what the body wants: take a rest from slow and heavy digestion and have an opportunity to release and rebuild.
In many cases, people also have some milk.
Even President Obama has gone on record to say that the health of Americans would benefit greatly from eating less meat.

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