Coca Cola Recalls Faulty Diet Drink

Last Tuesday Coca-Cola Israel announced that it is recalling various products due to “quality problems.”
The soft drinks giant confirmed that a quiet recall has begun last week due to a problem at the plant that makes the carbon dioxide for the beverages.
Coca-Cola Israel CEO Tal Raban has been on Israeli television to state that the drinks which have been affected had a “sulphurous smell.”
Coca Cola emphasised that there is no health risk.
It stated that the recall applied to all products manufactured at the factory between November 17 and 23, including Diet Coke, Diet Sprite, Coca-Cola and Kinley Soda.
The company stated that the majority of tainted products had been intercepted at the factory gates, however, some had managed to get to supermarket shelves.
It urged consumers to check production dates on the specified drinks and return the ones manufactured on the problematic dates, and apologized to consumers for the inconvenience caused.

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