Vegetarian Low Protein Diet Can Increase Life Expectancy

Eating less of a protein found in fish and meat could slow down the ageing process and increase life expectancy, so says recent research.
For a long time scientists have considered that an extremely low calorie diet , around 60 per cent of normal dietary intake, can increase longevity.
However, a team of British researchers have now uncovered that the key to this effect is a decrease in a specific protein, as opposed to the total number of calories .
This means that by cutting down our intake of foods containing the protein, methionine, like fish, meat and specific nuts, we could live longer without having to cut down on the number meals they have.
Dr Matthew Piper, from the Institute of Healthy Ageing at University College London, stated that a vegetarian diet is a way to achieve the effect.
Studies of animals have illustrated that lowering food intake can benefit health as well as increase lifespan.
Researchers have discovered that by reducing calories by 30 per cent can reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease or cancer by 50 per cent and increase longevity by almost a third.

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