A Diet High in Crisps is Unhealthy

A diet high in crisps can have dire effects.
New research which is going to be published in the March issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition hints that acrylamide found in foods can increase the risk of heart disease .
Acrylamide has historically been related to cancer and nervous system disorders.
Participants in an experiment ingested huge quantities of crisps, containing 157 micrograms of acrylamide, every day for a month.
The participants experienced adverse changes in antioxidants and oxidized LDL which assist the body in getting rid of acrylamide. All these factors can raise the risk of heart disease. It goes without saying that long-term studies of invdividuals eating normal quanities of acrylamide (c.20 -30 micrograms) are crucial.
The FDA continues to emphasise that the food industry ought to decrease acrylamide in foods via the use of improved food processing technologies.
The FDA has gone on record many times, to say that acrylamide is especially high in french fries and crisps.
It is crucial for people to lower their intake of french fries and chips and ensure that their diet consists of a range of vegetables, fruit and dairy products.
It is also essential for good health to quit smoking, which is a main source of acrylamide.

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