British Couch Potato Lifestyle Can Be Changed

New alarming figures published just last week highlight that 27m adults in England do not get enough exercise .

It is vital for our wellbeing to do a minimum of 30 minutes’ exercise five days per week.
You do not have to participate in a sport . You can do some gardening, take a walk or spring clean. As long as the activity warms your body and makes your breathing a bit heavier.
Frequent physical activity gets you out in the fresh air. Moreover, it helps in the prevention of major diseases, such as, heart disease, obesity and diabetes .
A well balanced diet of course goes alongside frequent exercise to make up a healthy lifestyle .
There are of course other ways to get active, like swimming, walking and dancing . Fitness is not all about going to the gym.
When you want to take the lift, walk. Park a bit further from the shops you are going to and walk that extra distance.
Each of these steps helps to combat obesity and reduce the impact of the couch potato lifestyle so many have got conditioned to.

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