Eating two bowls of cereal key to diet, experts claim

Flying in the face of dietary expert advice regarding breakfast cereals, a new study claims that eating two bowls of cereal every day could help people with obesity to lose weight .
The advice only extended to healthy cereals that include high levels of fibre, iron, folic acid and zinc . The research, carried out at Oxford Brookes University, was published by the British Nutrition Foundation.
Researchers surveyed 41 overweight and obese people and found that those who consumed cereal weighed less over the study period.
One nutritionist, Lynne Garton, was reported in the Daily Express newspaper as commenting: “The results of this study are very interesting and further evidence of the benefits of breakfast cereal as part of a weight -management programme. Breakfast cereals are easy to incorporate into the diet and can contain substantial amounts of fibre, iron, folic acid and zinc as well as being low in fat .”

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