Junk food diet for Cheryl Cole

Celebrity dieter Cheryl Cole is now aiming to pile on the pounds by taking on a junk food diet . Her goal is to get heavier to prepare for trekking to the summit of Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief.
Wife of soccer star Ashley, Cheryl is heading to the African mountain to raise money for the charity, and is getting in shape using a special diet and exercise regime. One aspect is putting on the pounds, and Cheryl has turned to her husband’s trainers to find the right dietary advice.
A source was quoted in the Daily Mirror as commenting: “While most girls would dread the thought of getting bigger, Cheryl can’t wait to spoil herself with her favourite treats. But she’s really looking forward to it as she knows she needs to be fit as possible. She’s a young girl trying to keep up with the big boys like Chris Moyles and Gary Barlow. So she’s getting bigger herself so she can give it her all.”

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