Long Term Coffee Intake Lowers Stroke Risk for Healthy Women

Researchers who monitored the dietary habits of 80,000 plus women for 20 years have discovered that long term consumption of coffee is not related to a greater risk of stroke .
They actually found that long term coffee consumption is linked to a slight decrease in the risk of stroke for women.
Drinking three cups of coffee per day decreased the risk of stroke by nearly 20% in contrast to drinking less than one a month. It needs to be noted that these results apply to healthy women: these results do not demonstrate that coffee drinking decreases stroke risk due to other factors.
Dr Esther Lopez-Garcia conducted this survey, based at the School of Medicine, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in Spain .
The study was printed in the February 16 issue of Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.
All the women who participated in this survey were healthy and had no history of coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer or diabetes .
In a press statement, Lopez-Garcia stated that antioxidants in coffee decrease inflammation and improve the functioning of blood vessels.
She added that the benefit of drinking coffee relates to healthy people. Increasing coffee drinking is not going to make existing stroke risk go away.
It is of course crucial for anyone with any health problems to talk to their doctor . Those suffering from heart problems, blood pressure problems, insomnia and anxiety may or may not benefit from drinking coffee.

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