FDA clamps down harder on diet pills

The Food and Drug Administration in America is clamping down still harder on diet pills . A further 41 different diet pill products have been added to an official warning list, bringing the total up to 69.
The director of new drugs and labelling compliance at the FDA, Michael Levy, reportedly commented: “I think it’s fair to say that we have a major initiative investigation ongoing into this type of product. We are buying these products, and we are testing them, and we are considering what our options are. There is definitely the possibility that there could be criminal charges.”
Diet drugs included in the list may contain Sibutramine, Rimonabant, and Phenytoin, all on FDA watch lists. Most of the pills are made in China. Levy further warned: “When you’re buying this type of product on the Internet or at a retail store, and it appears too good to be true, it likely is too good to be true.”
Various pills for weight loss have been approved by the FDA however, including Glaxo weight drug Alli, due to be launched in Europe this year.

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