Grapefruit Ingredient May be Used in Diet Pill

Naringenin is a flavonoid found in citrus fruit including grapefruit . It has a beneficial effect on the liver whereby it burns fat as opposed to storing it after a meal
This means that we do not necessarily have to alter diets or leave out certain foods as a dose of naringenin could prevent weight gain and also help us lose weight .
In the long-term, researchers who have conducted tests consider that it can aid obesity sufferers and perhaps also combat diabetes as the process also helps balance insulin and glucose levels.
For a long time grapefruit has been recommended as a beneficial to control weight .
Naringinen would need to be concentrated into a supplement to have the necessary effect for those suffering from Type 2 diabetes, which is a trigger for cardiovascular disease .
The tests so far have been on laboratory mice.
The researchers are presently trying to develop the compound into a drug which can be effective and safe for humans as a supplement or treatment.
It apprears evident that naringenin, through its insulin-like properties, rectifies multiple metabolic disturbances linked to insulin resistance and signifies a promising therapeutic approach for metabolic syndrome .

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