Diet of Dense Food is the Way to a Healthy Diet

Tricking our body and mind into feeling full may be the way to tackle obesity rates.
The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) states that manipulating the energy density in your diet can assist you in maintaining a healthy weight .
Energy density is assessed by dividing the number of calories in food by its weight in grams.
The low number of calories per gram are the foods people ought to eat.
Vegetables have low energy density as do baked beans, eggs, and even spaghetti bolognese, as long as it is made with vegetables, lean mince and wholewheat spaghetti.
Further tips are to include eating foods which have a high liquid content and to eat more protein .
It is vital to understand how we can manipulate the energy density of the diet so it can help us maintain a healthy body weight .
By eating foods of higher energy density we can trick ourselves into feeling full. So, we can eat a meal and feel satisfied. whilst eating less energy than we otherwise would.

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