Diet pills not a magic potion

Unfortunately for many dieters, diet pills are not a magic potion that allows people to lose weight simply by taking medicine. Despite claims made by diet pill companies, diet pills are not a simple answer to lifestyle goals, and some could even damage your health .
The obesity epidemic has seen global sales of diet pills explode in recent years. At this stage, the World Health Organisation estimate that there will be some 2.3 billion overweight adults by 2015, with 700 million obese .
The diet pill market is saturated with quick-fix solutions that promise rapid weight loss by increasing metabolism, blocking fat absorption or suppressing the appetite. Unfortunately very little of this is true.
Professor Steve Field, an eminent GP, reportedly commented: “GPs would always advise patients to be cautious about taking slimming pills – especially those that can be obtained over the counter without seeing a GP first.”

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