How to Cook Healthier Pizza

Food chemists have demonstrated that making a pizza crust with whole wheat flour and cooking it for an increased period of time ensures release of more antioxidants .
The chronic disease-fighting compounds went up by 82% when baked at a higher temperature, by 60% when baked twice as long. The antioxidants doubled when the dough was left to rise another extra day.
We consume about 150 slices of pizza each second in the UK.
The new way of making pizza increases antioxidants which can prevent the onset of prevent cancer and heart disease .
It is crucial for the pizza to be made with whole wheat flour. Food chemists have discovered that baking pizza for longer, at higher temperatures gives the dough enough time to release more antioxidants, the nutrients which our bodies need to combat chronic disease.
Whole wheat flour has more antioxidants than regular all purpose flour.
Taste testers confirmed the new baking style recipe as an easy way to cook a wonderful pizza at home by simply making a few changes in the kitchen. People on the whole love a homemade pizza product,

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