Make Sure This Summer Your Skin is On a Healthy Diet

It is great being out in this hot weather. However, the summer sun can leave your skin looking and feeling worn out and dry.
Make sure you have your sunscreens on to protect your skin.
Ensure that a healthy, nutritious diet also helps your skin. Fill that trolley with foods that are great for your complexion; feed your skin from within.
Vitamin A-rich foods enhance skin and benefit your eyes and teeth. Vitamin A is great for the repair and maintenance of healthy skin, healing and renewing skin tissue. An additional benefit is that it protects against wrinkling. When made a staple in people’s diet it helps eradicate acne .
Antioxidants, particularly vitamins E and C, protect skin cells from the onslaught of free radicals, which are a harmful byproduct of sunlight.
Antioxidants also help the formation of a protein known as collagen, which alongside elastin, help strengthen and lessen skin aging.
B vitamins ensure healthy skin cell development and combat stress and aging. Vitamin B6 can assist in controlling acne, especially for women who have flare-ups pre and post periods. (A fifth of adults aged 25-44 experience acne, with around 50% of adult women having mild to moderate acne.)
Ensure you drink lots of water too as that helps skin look and stay healthy.
Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals, as well as healthy fats.

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