High Carbohydrate Diets Work Equally Well For Keeping Weight Off

Low carbohydrate diets and high carbohydrate diets work well for maintaining weight loss .
Certain studies have suggested that high protein diets could be a more effective short-term method of weight loss than high carbohydrate diets.
However, there is minimal evidence as to which approach could be better for helping people to maintain weight loss once they have lost it, as well as whether or not the two diets have different impact on heart health .
To investigate, researchers placed 141 Australian men and women who finished the weight loss phase of the diet to a year on a diet where 30 percent of their calories came from protein, or one where 15% consisted of protein. Both groups had to keep their fat intake below 30 percent of total calories, and focussed on lowering saturated fat.
On average, the study participants lost 16.5 kilograms (36.4 pounds) and regained 2 kilograms, or around four pounds, over the next year.
The participants had the same success in maintaining their weight when they adhered to a low-carbohydrate (or high-protein) diet or a high-carbohydrate diet for the next year.
The low protein group managed to keep their protein intake at around 22 percent of their calories, well below the 30 percent maintained by the high-protein dieters. There was no significant difference between the two groups in the amount of weight they kept off.

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