Low Fat Diet Can Lift Your Spirits

Should you be overweight and feeling kind of down, a low fat diet may be for you.
Australian scientists wanted to know whether or not the type of diet someone adheres to to lose weight affects their mood or their ability to think and remember.
Therefore, they randomly assigned a low carb, high fat diet, like the Atkins diet or a more traditional low fat diet to 100 people.
The 100 people were split into two groups; both groups consuming the same number of calories .
After twelve months, both two groups had lost more or less the same amount of weight, confirming earlier research that total calories make a greater difference than their source for weight loss .
However, people who were on a low fat diet had significantly better moods a year on.
Those who adhered to a low-carb diet had an initial improvement in mood, however, reverted their pre-diet mindset a year later.
Both diets had the same effects on learning and memory, the researchers reported.

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