Do You Really Want to Lose Weight

Well there are some golden rules if you really want to lose weight .
Start by discarding your ready meals and cook fresh foods as opposed to using processed foods. This will lower your daily intake of saturated fat, sugar and salt. This will also reduce bloating.
Opt for the power in protein by eating more energy-enhancing chicken, fish, pulses and nuts. Even having a small amount of protein with each meal helps lower food cravings.
Ensure you are consuming the right portion sizes. For lunch and dinner your meat or fish portion should be no more than the palm of your hand and your carbs a fistful. The remainder of your plate ought to be full of veg.
Make sure that you eat good carbs. Recent Research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered that the waistlines of those who consumed white carbs (like white bread) expanded to thrice the size of those who consumed the same number of daily calories from wholegrains. Change to wholegrain bread, cereal and pasta.
Omit your daily desserts. Your evening meal ought to leave you feeling full. Do not purely eat a dessert just out of habit and get uncomfortably bloated. Have a dessert a week and savour it.
Dress in such a way that you look slim .
Should you have a big bust, go for a bandage dress which has a sculpted top half and makes the most out of your cleavage. Try and avoid strapless styles, as they don’t provide enough support.
Should you have a boyish figure, straight up and down shape. Opt for styles with high necklines, with big shoulder detailing as they will draw attention away from your bust.
Should your stomach be the problem area, opt for double-layered body-con dresses in thicker fabrics, with panelling at the front, to help flatten out any bulges.
Should you be pear-shaped, opt for dark, block colours which flatter a bigger bottom half. Keep clear of patterned and pale coloured dresses.
Should you have chunky thighs, opt for longer styles which finish no higher than above the knee.
Make the best of what you have.

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