More Dairy Apparently Help You Lose Weight

During the three month trial, experts in Perth placed 40 volunteers on a low calorie diet. However, some of them were asked to eat more yoghurt, cheese and low fat milk.
The participants who upped their daily servings of dairy products from three to five went on to lose the most weight, so the Curtin University of Technology study discovered.
Dairy products are full of protein which enables us to feel full rapidly as it speedens up the body’s metabolism.
Lots of people believe that when thet are trying to lose weight, dairy products are specific foods which need to be eliminated from their diets as they are high in fat .
However, this study has highlighted that individuals aiming at weight loss can in fact benefit from increasing the amount of dairy they eat, as long as during that dieting period total calorific intake is less than their needs.
The researchers claimed that this will also enabled reduction of your blood pressure and it causes greater total abdominal fat loss. Hence, you ought to lose weight more so around the stomach area.
It is necessary to watch out for fat and calorie intake.
This is the first time increasing dairy intake to five daily servings as part of a lower calorie diet has been studied.
Diets which contain high levels of protein, calcium and vitamin D can play a key part of a weight loss or weight maintenance diet

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