Diet Benefits Epilepsy

A diet consisting of hot dogs, bacon, mayonnaise and cream cakes is helping reduce the number of epileptic fits in children, so says new research at Leicester hospitals.
Doctors at Leicester Royal Infirmary claim that this diet has assisted practically all the children who have been on it, in certain cases cutting seizures by half.
Known as the ketogenic diet, it has a high fat content, enough protein and a very low carbohydrate levels.
Dr Jayprakash Gosalakkal, the consultant neurologist for this study stated that there are some children who fail to respond well to medication. However, they do respond to this diet plan . The keto acids produced by this diet appear to directly alter discharges in the brain and lower the number of seizures.
He continued to say: “The high fat diet includes foods like cream and butter, usually highly controlled by specialist dieticians . Nonetheless, the diet is strictly monitored in order that patients do not put on too much weight by eating too many calories .
A total of 24 children have been treated with the ketogenic diet at Leicester Royal Infirmary over the past four years.
Half of them suffered 50% fewer seizures and a quarter none for more than six months. It enables the patients to cut down their medication, however, two children had to be taken off this diet when they had problems.
This diet works by fooling the body into thinking it is starving, hence, it burns fat rather than carbohydrates . This means that ketones build up with high levels helping reduce the number of seizures.
Mum Sonya Clarke, from South Wigston, said the diet had reduced the fits and brought the first smile to her daughter’s face. Erin, three, who was born with epilepsy, began fitting just hours after birth and had four seizures, sometimes more, a day.
An Epilepsy Action spokeswoman said only a small number of children on the diet have a big increase in cholesterol levels.
Dr Gosalakkal is now hoping to find funding for two specialist dieticians to continue the study.

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