High Fat Diets Lead to Multiple Problems

A recent Science Daily article stated that high fat diets, like those common in Western countries, are harmful long term and can cause problems like obesity, heart failure and diabetes .
Such high fat diets are related to a demise of cognitive ability in the long term.
Not as much attention has been paid to the impact of high-fat diets in the short term.
How athletic you are depends on eating the type of food that supplies oxygen to your muscles.
You can take D-ribose, a muscle sugar, which helps prevent the lactic acid from making you feel exhausted.
However, it is better to burn the fuel based on what you eat.
Athletes need to burn the glucose they get from eating complex carbohydrates .
They become less efficient and run more slowly should they try to attain their fuel from fat.
An Oxford University team fed rats a high fat diet for only a few days which resulted in a slowing down of their physical and cognitive abilities.
This of course is a stark case in point that high fat diets have a similar effect on us as humans.

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