Is a crash diet ever good

Is an extreme crash dieting course ever really good for your body? That’s the question asked in a recent Irish Independent article. Dietitians, nutritionists and doctors have all been strongly anti crash diets for decades, but some experts now say this form of dieting can have health benefits.
The news is something of a surprise, coming as it does on the back of news about the death of Samantha Clowe, an obese woman who tried to crash diet her way into shape for her wedding, and tragically passed away. The shakes and soup diet she adopted is known as the LighterLife diet .
Professor of Nutrition Susan Roberts was reported in the newspaper as commenting: “A good crash diet is one that is sustainable — the calories are sustainable and they are healthy . Bad crash diets are diets you can’t keep up or are unhealthy if you do. We did a study comparing small and large calorie cuts — 10pc versus 30pc. About half of the 10pcs did quite well overall but the other half couldn’t keep it up. There is something about a small calorie cut that is harder than a large calorie cut for sustainability.”

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