Burn Your Fat with Chilli Peppers

Consuming chilli peppers can assist dieters to lose weight by increasing their metabolism and burning fat, so claim scientists.

Researchers have discovered that the heat generated by peppers can increase your consumption of calories and “oxidise” layers of fat.
Chillis can definitely make you sweat and can now assist you as part of a diet .
There are also plants which make a non-burning version of capsaicin called dihydrocapsiate (DCT) which have the benefits of peppers without the pungency.
Researchers at the University of California monitored 34 men and women who willingly consumed a very low calorie liquid meal replacement product for 28 days.
The researchers then chose random subjects to take placebo pills or supplements containing the non-burning DCT pepper.
Their data highlighted that after several hours post meal, energy expenditure was significantly increased in the group that had eaten the most DCT; it was nearly double that of the placebo group.
In addition, they were able to demonstrate that DCT significantly increased fat oxidation, pressurising the body to use more fat as fuel. This could enable people on a low calorie diet to lose weight .

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