Carbohydrates Double the Risk of Women Getting Heart Disease

New research highlights the risk which foods with a high glycaemic index present to our bodies, specifically in the case of women.
Carbohydrates which have a high glycaemic increase blood sugar levels at a quicker rate than foods with a low index.
Foods that are high on the glycaemic index tend to be white and starchy, such as, white bread, potatoes and doughnuts.
An Italian study has discovered that women who ate the greatest glycaemic load in their diet were 2.24 times more at risk of heart disease in comparison to women with the lowest glycaemic load.
The level of carbohydrates in their diet, glycaemic index as well as glycaemic load were not influential factors with regard to the risk of men getting heart disease .
Researchers state that further research is needed to understand the relationship between glycaemic load and heart disease in women better, as well as gender related differences in lipoprotein and glucose metabolism .

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