Charcoal Appears to be the Latest Celebrity Diet Fad

Believe it or not, certain celebrities are endorsing the benefits of charcoal tablets for weight loss .
These charcoal tablets are available in health shops.
We have seen celebrities pertaining to some extremely weird diets .
However, the most recent celebrity diet fad would shock the diehards. It is known as the charcoal diet .
Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding is a follower of the charcoal diet, asserting that the carbon content eliminates ‘toxins’.
She sprinkles it on her food and claims that it keeps her toned.
Charcoal has in fact been used to prevent the body absorbing poisons for more than two centuries.
It is meant to be good stopping flatulence and helping with hangovers.
However, be warned that it is not the charcoal used for barbecues that we are referring to; the benefits we are talking about are from the charcoal tablets sold in shops.
Even a little bit of the raw stuff and you’ll be running for cover and the mouthwash!

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