Easy Diet Tricks to Reduce Calorie Intake by 20 Per Cent

This diet necessitates no books or diet plans .
There are no complicated diet plans or counting of calories .
However, it will definitely ensure thaty you eat twenty percent fewer calories than you previously did.
A study headed by Professor Brian Wansink from the Cornell Food and Brand Lab studied 80 adults and found that when they followed his simple advice on average they cut their calorific intake by a fifth.
So all you have to do is make sure that when you fill your plate from a kitchen work surface it is totally out of sight of the table where you will eat the food. That is it.
Professor Wansink claims that when food is out of sight the likelihood of you refilling your plate is highly reduced. Hence the total calorie count drops.
Not being able to see unhealthy food is the best strategy for weight loss .
Do not go to fast food restaurants, rid your fridge of late night snacks, keep healthy food in the house and plan your meals and snacks.
Keep lots of fruits, cut raw veg, low calorie dips and dried fruit and nuts in the house. This will make an immense difference to your weight long term.
There’s no harm in having a go and transforming your life.

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