Eat What You Like and Still Lose Weight

This diet sounds too good to be true. You can eat what you like and still lose weight .
Well this precisely what the Dukan Diet suggests. It has taken France by storm and is taking off in the UK too.
Its adherents claim that you can stay slim in the long term too sticking to this duet.
The diet has four sections.
Its main components are its final two stages.
The third stage is known as the consolidation stage, where several weeks of disciplined healthy eating then lead to a more relaxed regime.
The last stage is the stabilisation stage, where dieters can eat what they like.
They also have to balance treats with healthier eating and walk for a minimum of 20 minutes daily.
The concept behind this diet is that unlike crash diets, which promote considerable weight loss in one fell swoop, individuals wishing to lose weight can attain a more natural, balanced rhythm in terms of weight loss.
The Dukan Diet is not without critics as it emphasises eating quite a lot of meat.
In addition, it reduces your carbohydrate intake which means you do not necessarily have the amount of energy that you need which is not healthy.

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