Jennifer Lopez Diet Secret

Like many other celebrities, Jennifer Lopez has lost her post baby weight easily.
So how did she manage to do this?
She has been on the new French diet which makes the claim that you can eat what you like and still lose weight .
The Dukan diet is becoming very popular extremely quickly; it is presently Amazon’s No1 diet book, although it is only going for sale on May 13.
Nearly 2 million French women have sworned by the nutritionist, Dr Pierre Dukan,over the last decade.
Lopez, who is 40, is a strict adherent of this diet and has lost a great deal of weight to regain her shape two years after giving birth to twins.
The diet involved eating lots of animal and vegetable proteins in terms of meat and soya and not feeling hungry. Should you overindulge, you compensate by exercising the next day or by eating smaller portions .

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