Lose Weight by Eating More

Eating a lot more of specific kinds of foods can in fact enable you to lose weight .

You can in fact eat lots of certain types of food without actually adding to your calorific intake.
Choose whole grain options, such as, Weetabix as opposed to cornflakes and wholemeal bread as opposed to white bread.
Protein fills you up for longer. The protein found in fish, meat, tofu, quorn and eggs leaves you feeling fuller for longer. So, you can increase the quantities of these at the dining table and reduce the quantity of carbohydrates, such as, rice, pasta and potatoes. By doing this you consume less calories and won’t feel as hungry.
Fruit too is less calorific than the majority of other sweet foods. You may also find it easier this way to resist chocolate and sweets. Hereby you can add extra vitamins to your diet .
Soups make a filling, low calorie meal. It is said that the chunky types of soup are the most filling.
Try to drink skimmed or 1 per cent fat milk and enhance the prospects of your weight loss .
A low fat milky drink, like low fat hot chocolate or coffee is lower calorie than fruit juice and keeps you full for longer as a result of the protein content as well as the low GI (slow rate of release of sugar).

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