Low Carbohdrate Diet Ideal Way to Lose Weight and Remain Healthy

The Journal of Nutrition reports that women who consumed 120 grams of protein on a daily basis and exercised frequently lost around 21.5 pounds over four months.
Their weight loss equated to 6.5 more pounds than exercising women who ate an equivalent number of calories; however, who were on high carbohydrate diet .
In addition, the protein group lost more weight in their abdominal area, as well as retaining muscle mass, than the carbohydrate group.
Our bodies actually have to work harder to digest proteins than carbohydrates and fats.
Hence, protein burns more calories. The Dukan Diet is a high protein diet which cleanses your body and dulls your appetite.
You are allowed a dessert spponful of bran a day as it is rich sugars and protein.
However, its main benefit is in its high levels of soluble fibre which absorbs water in the stomach, swelling up to 20 times its size.
This makes you feel full and satisfied. In addition, it is great for heart health and eases constipation.
Proteins are comparatively low in calories and their complex structure means it is difficult for the body to digest .
You burn up more calories processing proteins than other foods.
Hence, weight loss is invariable and quick.

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