Nurseries Failing to Provide under Fives with a Healthy Diet

29 Councils participated in a study whereby nurseries were asked to note what their children ate over six months, including menus and recipes . It is clear that nurseries are failing to provide children under five with a healthy diet .
Lots of nurseries offer fruit during the mid morning and afternoon break. However, should the children be given carbohydrates this would assist children’s energy levels.
In some instances, children were offered as little as half a pear or a handful of grapes.
Most nurseries were not providing enough fat, and a proportion of them offered their children semi-skimmed milk.
The nurseries came in for a blasting for the use of packet sauces with a high salt content and giving their children too many pre-packaged foods like bread, cereal and cheese.
In addition, the children were eating an adult’s portion of fibre. Too much fibre prevents the body absorbing minerals such as iron and zinc.
It is highly alarming that the Department of Health classifies one out of five children in the UK as obese .

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