Pasta and White Bread doubles chance of Developing Heart Disease

Having a diet high in white bread and pasta can double the likelihood of getting heart disease, according to recent research.
Foods which increase blood sugar levels rapidly were associated with a higher risk of this illness. It appears that just women are affected.
Vegetables with a ‘savoury’ flavour reduce blood pressure for women.
Whereas, men are not significantly more at risk, so researchers found, as they may develop heart disease in other ways.
The research studied the diets of 47,000 plus individuals to work out their average glycaemic index (GI) score. GI is an indicator of the speed with which food increases blood sugar levels.
Foods with a low GI release sugar into the bloodstream more slowly than those with a high GI.
Hence, low GI foods can make you feel ‘fuller’ for longer, being very popular with dieters.
High GI foods include pasta, white bread and rice, as well as refined breakfast cereals like cornflakes.
Researchers discovered that women whose diets had the highest GI score were 2.24 times more likely to develop heart disease than those with the lowest GI scores.
The study participants were 32,578 women and 15,171 men.
The team were based at the National Cancer Institute in Milan; they admit they do not know why a ‘high GI’ diet did not increase the risk of heart disease for men.

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