Processed Meats Can Increase Risk of Ovarian Cancer

New Australian research confirms that women who eat lots of processed meats, like hot dogs and salami, increase their chance of developing ovarian cancer .
Thos who eat lots of fish have a lower risk of developing deadly tumours, so Dr. Penny M. Webb of Gynaecological Cancers Group at Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Brisbane, Australia, and colleagues have discovered.
Moreover, the team found no link between red meat and the cancer . However, they found a slightly lower risk among women who ate huge amounts of poultry.
They found that women whose diet consisted of four or more weekly servings of processed meat had an 18 percent higher risk of ovarian cancer than those who ate one or fewer servings per week.
Furthermore, women eating four or more weekly fish meals had 24 percent less risk of ovarian cancer than those who ate less than one fish meal per week.

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